Jonathan Clark had been searching for career direction for quite some time. “Before coming to National Able Network I was struggling trying to get a normal job and trying to get in school, so I could have a career,” says Jonathan. By becoming a National Able Network client, he was quickly connected with career coach, Cheryl Travis, who helped him get on the right track.

Cheryl says, “When Johnathan first came to the program, I don’t believe that he knew what he was in for!” After meeting with Jonathan a few times and discussing his experiences, Cheryl was able to appropriately guide Jonathan through career planning, which included enrolling into the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity act program (WIOA). He says, “I think the test that I took to get in the WIOA program helped me the most because passing that test gave me more confidence in myself to really think that I could achieve my goals.”

Upon researching what he would study through the WIOA program, Jonathan determined that he was passionate about commercial driving. Jonathan attended Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) classes at 160 Driving Academy. The confidence he had in himself and his work ethic led to him quickly earn his CDL!

Jonathan says, “Success doesn’t come easy, I had to work very hard to accomplish my goal. I had to persevere and keep reminding myself that I could do it. I pushed myself when times got hard. I’m very thankful for the WIOA program, my [National Able Network] coach Ms. Travis and 160 Driving Academy whom I had help and inspiration from. I now have a future career and I will remember this forever.