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Back Office Support for Nonprofit Organizations


IT Network and Desktop Support

Technology evolves rapidly, but National Able Network helps you keep pace with the needs of your business with our leading-edge network and desktop support. Our technology suite helps you boost workforce productivity and maintain optimal network security with customized support and cost-effective solutions to fit your operational needs today, and in the future. Ongoing IT support services provide quick response troubleshooting for your workforce through our local team of experts. With remote support and scheduled maintenance and upgrades, we assure your IT environment and equipment are operating to their full potential.


Finance, Accounting & Compliance

Establish and maintain overall fiscal integrity with finance, accounting and compliance support from our team of non-profit accounting experts. We offer a considerable library of up-to-date policies, forms, internal controls procedures, procurement process and selection practices, and other products that have been vetted by dozens of independent auditors, as well as private, federal and state agencies. Whether you are starting from scratch or have established accounting practices and need some additional capacity, National Able Network’s services help you uphold the highest standards of fiscal stewardship.


Customer Contact Center and Surveys

National Able Network’s Customer Contact Center offers inbound and outbound calling services and exceptional survey response rates. Our team of Customer Contact Agents provide your customers with personalized positive interactions by fielding frequently asked questions, resolving inquiries, and identifying customer service opportunities while demonstrating a commitment to excellence. Let our Customer Contact Center help support your next fundraising event or campaign with outbound calling to donors. Gain insight into customer perception and behavior with a customized survey. We design and implement custom survey instruments and deliver quantitative and qualitative feedback results and comprehensive data analysis.


We offer an approach that looks well beyond checklists and offers in-depth and highly nuanced advice on all the factors that impact an organization’s health and future. Our approach is comprehensive and holistic because we have each been in the driver’s seat long enough to appreciate that every aspect matters: the people; would-be funders; financials; the Board; as well as the external environment of partners, competitors, regulatory and political actors, and others.


Did you know that occupancy is the second largest expense of most organizations? National Able Network’s real estate professionals can help you find the right place at the right price. Whether you want to optimize existing space and reduce costs or plan for expansion, we will help you develop real estate strategies to improve your bottom line and mission impact.


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Success Story

Center For Economic Progress

Tax season is the busiest time of the year for Center for Economic Progress, requiring additional staff capacity to seamlessly respond to, and resolve, customer inquiries. More than 17,000 low-income Illinois families receive free tax preparation and financial assistance from Center for Economic Progress’ dedicated staff and volunteers.

National Able Network’s Customer Contact Center handled 6,500 inbound calls on behalf of Center for Economic Progress during the 2015 tax season, resolving 81 percent of client inquiries on the spot.

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