Elizabeth Delgado was born in Gurabo, Puerto Rico and immigrated to Chicago at the age of fifteen. As soon as she arrived, Elizabeth’s priority was to find work. During that era, jobs were scarce and especially so for new arrivals, so Elizabeth like many others, quickly accepted factory work. And Elizabeth hasn’t stopped working since then! From working in logistics and distribution at O’Hare International Airport to selling home-made baked goods, Elizabeth has always been in pursuit of success. In the 1990s, she earned an associate degree that led to a fulfilling career in social work where she worked with both children and seniors. Eventually, Elizabeth’s mental and physical health started to change and as a grandma of five, she wanted more family time. So, Elizabeth knew it was time to pursue a new career, and she connected with National Able Network.  

“I wanted to open up a business. I’ve been working since I was 15, so I wanted to be my own boss for a change,” says Elizabeth. When Elizabeth began discussing her aspirations with her career coach, Khefren Sackey, she expressed her dream of earning a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) to then open a family-operated distribution company with her son. Elizabeth’s son had already earned his CDL, so she knew they could work together as soon as she passed her exam and completed training.  

“Khefren motivated me. And even though he knew about the mental health challenges, he never looked at me any differently,” says Elizabeth, “He was strict with me, and I loved him!” As she prepared for her training and her exam, Khefren remained in contact with Elizabeth. Unfortunately, Elizabeth didn’t pass the first two times. The day before she was scheduled to take the exam one last time, Khefren recalls speaking with her, “She was very nervous about it, but after speaking with her and giving very brief words of encouragement, she showed up the next day and effectively passed her exam – just like she told me she would!” 

Elizabeth is on her way to accomplishing her career and her family dreams. She says, “I’ll get to travel and experience more – things I never got to do in my last career. Thank you, National Able Network!”