Rosita Villagomez Aguirre had learned to support herself when she left home at the age of 14. With a daughter to care for, Rosita quickly began working in construction. “I grabbed a cutting blade and measuring tape and got to work at the sites myself,” she recalls. Rosita was a fast learner and opened her very own construction company at a young age. Rosita was determined, talented and business-savvy, so she quickly found success working on million-dollar homes of high-level executives and high-profile athletes. However, as a young woman in a male dominated industry, Rosita felt it was time to seek out new pursuits. So, with just enough funds in her savings, she paused work, bought her own home, and got her GED. Since she managed her own books at her company, the financial industry had always been appealing to her. Through her business network she began her new career as a receptionist in a mortgage company while she studied for her mortgage broker license.  

As soon as she earned her license, Rosita was hired as a junior processor. Since 2004, Rosita worked in many facets of the mortgage industry including processer and wholesaler. Unfortunately, the industry took quite a hit, and this impacted Rosita’s position. She went to the American Job Center in Pilsen for assistance where she connected with National Able Network. She quickly teamed up with Career Coach Khefren Sackey. 

“His words and his advice stay with me until this very day,” says Rosita. The two worked together to discuss and plan her employment goals and dreams. “I don’t think I’d be where I am today if not for our conversations. I took a bunch of notes, and he helped me: understand the questions I need to consider when taking the next career step, learn my transferable skills, replace negative thoughts, develop a new career plan and resume, and so much more.” Khefren says, “What made Rosita a success was the fact that she was very receptive to coaching, and eager to shape how she wanted to conduct her employment goals.”  

Rosita’s experience and journey shows how important it is to be flexible and open to where your career journey might take you. Working with a career coach can help you develop a clear perspective of your goals and what steps are needed to achieve them. Rosita says, “National Able Network is amazing. Whoever can go to them, take advantage of it. 110 percent!” Contact us today to work with one of our amazing career coaches and get on the path to career success!