Cassandra Stinson, a 34-year-old West Chicago native and mom of three, began her career in the healthcare field about 11 years ago. “My auntie was working in a direct support position, and when I found out more about what it was. It appealed to me instantly,” says Cassandra. Over the next few years, she worked in a variety of healthcare-focused roles with the main goal of working her way up.  

“I’m a naturally caring and compassionate person, so I like working directly with people that need help and care,” says Cassandra. From direct support to Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Cassandra quickly rose through the ranks and began training to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Cassandra decided to fully dedicate herself to completing her LPN training, and during this transition, she needed financial and training support. As a previous client of National Able Network, Cassandra was excited to learn that Able offered the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program (WIOA). The WIOA program could help her complete training and receive job search assistance. She quickly applied and was approved!  

Throughout the year Cassandra earned her LPN, she was solely focused on learning and becoming the best LPN possible. She successfully earned her LPN certification and was ready to job search. As an avid online job search user, she felt prepared to begin submitting online job applications. But, Cassandra wasn’t receiving any call backs! Cassandra’s Career Coach, Khefren Sackey, says, “After looking at her resume, I realized that there was plenty of place for improvement regarding her presentation of her nursing accomplishments and skills.” Khefren helped Cassandra revamp her resume, and Cassandra says, “Immediately, and nonstop the job calls came through. I mean I was getting emails non-stop! The resume was instrumental. It was like magic!” 

Cassandra is currently waiting for her LPN license to come in the mail, but in the meantime she has plenty of job opportunities waiting for her.  Of her experience with Career Coach Khefren, she says, “He was so awesome, and he never left me hanging. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a career coach!”