George Drain worked at a metal engineering organization for 32 years. He was an absolute expert in shaping and forming metal! Unfortunately, the organization went out of business in early 2023 and George found himself unemployed. The very first thing George did was visit the Near West American Job Center in Pilsen. It was here that National Able Network met with George, and provided him with guidance and support to begin a brand-new job search at the age of 57.  

George couldn’t believe how many resources were available at National Able Network! From computer programs to training resources, George knew he was in the right place in order to find career success. “People such as myself who are skilled in specific things like shaping metal…National Able [Network] offered computer programs, going back to school…any school, and just a lot of those good things! Able offered training in childcare, nursing, etc. They have great career coaches,” says George.  

Upon meeting with his career coach, Khefren Sackey, George decided to pursue a career as a truck driver in the transportation, logistics and distribution industry. The very first step would be to apply to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and find the right training school to earn a Commercial Drivers License (CDL). George achieved both of these goals with Khefren’s help and began his CDL training at Blue Horizon Truck Driving School. “The instructors really spent a lot of time and went out of their way to come early or stay late to teach me. They were always there and I really appreciated it,” says George.  

With support from National Able Network and Blue Horizon, George successfully earned his CDL. Reflecting on the moment and how this new credential helped him, he says “It has helped me provide for my family…and it allowed me to still be able to help my church. Having a CDL I can pretty drive any commercial vehicle, so it helps me in my job search as well.” When he finished training and earned his CDL, George quickly and confidently applied for jobs. One particular job with the Illinois Tollway seemed like the perfect fit and George is currently waiting for the next step in the hiring process. Of his entire experience, George says, “The biggest giveback I can give National Able Network is ‘thank you’. God blessed me with this opportunity with National Able Network…It benefited me in every way. They were my sunshine on a rainy day. If I can do anything to help anyone, I would say go to National Able Network.”