Kym Simmons worked in the banking industry for most of her career, however her dreams and aspirations changed in March 2023. It was during this time that Kym decided to pursue a career outside of the corporate world, so she connected with National Able Network to begin her new career journey. 

As she began her career transition, Kym knew she would need to refresh her job search skills including working on her resume and practicing her interview skills. Kym’s career coach, Maria Gomez Macias, recommended that Kym sign up for National Able Network’s RemarkAble Careers training platform. From interview insights to Microsoft Word and Excel training – RemarkAble Careers meets job seekers where they are and helps them grow into the career pathway they are pursuing.  Kym says, “The online learning that came from this program was great!  I learned a lot and checking the calendar and signing up for teachings became a daily part of my routine as I was job hunting.” 

As Kym worked with her Career Coach Maria, they both agreed that crafting a resume was a critical piece of the job hunt. There are so many types of resumes, from chronological resumes to functional resumes and everything in between. Kym says, “I think I took the resume teaching twice because I needed the help, and taking it a second time gave me even more help understanding the changes I made.” 

Soon enough all of Kym’s hard work paid off and she was presented with an awesome career opportunity. Career Coach Maria recalls admiring Kym’s tenacity throughout the entire process. Of the entire experience with National Able Network, Kym says, “I would tell anyone to enroll in National Able [Network] because my resume got updated and I was able to accept a job offer outside of the corporate world, which was my goal.  I am a case worker within my community and that is a huge change from the banking world for me!”  

If you or someone you know is job searching, sign up for free job search and Microsoft training at today!