When Noelle Hardy was laid off from her previous job, she connected with National Able Network (Able) to help her transition to a new career pathway. She attended an orientation session to learn more about resources that were available to laid off workers and applied for enrollment into the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program. Upon enrollment, Noelle was connected with a personal career coach, Shawn McKenzie.

“When I started working with Shawn, I had already been actively looking for a career transition,” said Noelle. “I had been working in administrative and project management roles, but wanted to transition into marketing.”

With the resources and support she received at Able, Noelle enrolled in, and successfully completed the DePaul Marketing Communications Certification program online. Along with the certification program, Noelle participated in multiple virtual JUMPSTART! workshops to help build her job readiness skills, enhance her resume, learn virtual interviewing techniques, and more! Of all the workshops she attended, the Introduction to Networking session made the biggest impact on her job search skills.

“I really dreaded networking, but our JUMPSTART! instructor took us through the class and even pulled up his own LinkedIn profile to show us what we can do to make ourselves more marketable,” explained Noelle.

Fortunately, Noelle was able to use the skills from the workshop and what she learned from Shawn, to land a job as a Communications Director for Teamsters Local 700. Now, she focuses on doing publicity and special events, and has nothing but gratitude for the knowledge, preparation, and support provided by Able.

“It’s been the difference in quality of life for me,” said Noelle. “Making the network and connections to be considered for roles and achieving them; I actually have a work life instead of living paycheck to paycheck.”