Trina Tyler worked as a Client Services Executive for nearly 25 years when she was laid off in 2017. “For the last three years it was going well, and suddenly they laid off executives. That was very hard,” she said. Trina’s company provided her with an executive job search and placement service, but she found it more confusing than helpful. Fortunately, a friend knew about National Able Network. “A friend of mine who was also laid off told me about National Able Network, where she was taking some classes,” Trina said.

After connecting with National Able Network herself, Trina was paired with career coach Shawn McKenzie. Shawn listened to Trina’s story and plans for a new career. “Trina was interested in receiving [Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act or] WIOA funding for Project Management training,” Shawn said.

Trina completed her training with flying colors, but still struggled to find employment. To overcome her setbacks, Trina used all the resources at her disposal, including job readiness training, LinkedIn training, and career coaching provided by the National Able Network team.

“I learned more with National Able [Network] than the executive job search placement!” Trina said. “Every time I got an interview, I was able to get support and coaching before each interview. I can’t think of one person who was part of that program that I didn’t learn a lot from.”

In January 2019 Trina’s hard work and dedication began to pay off. “An employer reached out to me in January of 2019, and I offered to meet with me two weeks later,” she said. “I went in and was so mentally prepared, and I felt it was the best interview I had ever done.”

“I got a call the following business day with an offer for a better position as Assistant Vice President of Human Resources [and] I started my new job in March 2019,” she said, “The company culture and staff that I work with right now, they are a dream.”

For others in her position, Trina offered some advice: “You need to call National Able Network. There are places out there that will train you and give you top training you need in order to succeed.”