Margaret Feret is a survivor. During the 27 years she worked as a clinical care nursing technician she also raised her four children. When two of her sons enlisted in the military and went on to take part in the Iraqi Freedom mission, she was there for them when they got back. Margaret took care of one of her sons for 10 years until he was healthy enough to live on his own. In the last few years, Margaret (now 60 years old) had come to the very brink of homelessness. She needed help and she needed work. While using the computer at her local workforce center, she met National Able Network Program Aide, Phyllis Gibson.

“She told me about this program where I can learn a new job and they would coach me and support me but more important she connected me with Lulu (Lourdes Holguin, Career Coach),” remembers Margaret. So, Margaret enrolled in the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) at National Able Network and quickly got started.

Margaret, Phyllis and Lulu all worked together to help Margaret get to where she needed to be. Through the program, Margaret was placed at a host agency where she could use her clinical care nursing technician skills while getting used to today’s workforce. In addition, she would still have time to practice her interviewing and job search skills. Margaret did extremely well. “She did all the work!” says Phyllis, “She would come in 1 or 2 times a week, and we would coach her on things she should or shouldn’t say during an interview. She was a diamond in the rough that you polish up really good and she shines and sparkles.”

A few weeks later, a position became available at her host agency and Lulu encouraged Margaret to apply. Margaret was shiny and sparkly indeed, so much so that she was quickly hired! On her experience, Margaret says, “I went through a very hard road and lost pretty much everything…Lost money, lost place to live. Other places give you a website and send you off to apply. Miss Lulu and Miss Gibson did not leave me on the steps – that is wonderful. It [National Able Network] really helped me…It’s wonderful. These two came in my life at the right time.”