Raven Macon, a Chicago native, recently returned home after a year in Miami. She worked as a Nutritionist in South Florida while she finished her bachelor’s degree in family and consumer sciences. However, Raven felt an inkling of restlessness. Her experiences in the field of nutrition led her to conclude that it was not the career for her. Raven had been drawn to the Human Resources (HR) field multiple times in the past, and thought this was her opportunity to start a new career journey. Although many in her circle questioned her decision to change careers, Raven knew exactly what she wanted. She became a National Able Network client to pursue her dream career.

Raven met with her career coach, Coral Duarte, to discuss a career plan. First on that plan was for Raven to apply for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program (WIOA). Once enrolled in the program, Raven applied to pursue an HR certification at DePaul University. While pursuing this certification, Coral linked Raven to workshops where she would be able to brush up on her job search skills like resume development, interview preparation, and LinkedIn networking.

Raven flourished in the thirteen-week program at DePaul University! She successfully attained the Professional in Human Resources certification. Her education led her to further focus her career path. Raven would pursue her master’s degree at DePaul with a focus track on learning and development – her main goal would be to transition into teaching within the HR field.

While reflecting on her journey, Raven says, “The biggest advice is not to hold on to the past. People always questioned why I wanted to leave nutrition, but I would always say don’t hold onto the past…only hold on to where you are headed in the future.” Raven’s future would only get brighter. Raven found full-time employment as a Special Education Paraprofessional Educator!

When asked about working with her National Able Network career coach, Raven says, “Coral is so kind and understanding. She always supported me and provided me with the resources available to me. She has been one of the biggest, brightest lights in my life.”