Daniel Adame is an ocean export and logistics specialist with more than 20 years of experience. He began his career at a company that valued his expertise so much he stayed on for 17 years! Being part of the company as well as a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps allowed Daniel to pursue and earn his undergraduate degree in Communications from Northeastern University. Daniel continued with the company even through a period of acquisition and restructuring. Unfortunately, after about a year and half and another wave of restructuring, Daniel was laid off and he was back on the job market. With a family of four to support, Daniel looked for resources available to him including unemployment benefits. During the process, he connected with a veteran that quickly referred him to National Able Network for job search services and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program.  

While exploring career pathways with the help of National Able Network, Daniel was introduced to IT Career Lab. Although he hadn’t been seeking a career change, he saw an opportunity to expand his skillset. Daniel says, “I was certainly exploring and thought maybe it’s a good time to make a change, and of course this was a good chance for me to get back into school.” Upon working with his career coach, Stephanie Levine, Daniel determined that the Data Analytics certification track provided him with the most versatility and flexibility across a variety of industries should he seek to enter a new field. The Data Analytics track includes three specializations: Microsoft Office Specialist in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office Specialist Access Certification, and Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate.  

While completing his coursework, Daniel refreshed his resume and practiced his interview skills. Soon enough, he was preparing to take his exams for each certification. Daniel quickly passed the exams for Microsoft Excel and Access, however the Power BI Data Analyst exam was tricky. Although he didn’t pass the first time, Daniel didn’t let that stop him. He prepared and studied again, this time – Daniel passed! Soon after earning his certifications, Daniel completed multiple interviews in the data analytics industry although none really seemed to be the right fit. Fortunately, an opportunity opened up in the ocean export and logistics industry. Daniel quickly accepted!  

“It’s a growing company so, they’re going to want the data analytics in the day-to-day processes,” says Daniel. He reflects on how he feels more prepared and confident in his data analytics skills with his newly acquired certifications, and he looks forward to applying them in the future. As far as his experience with National Able Network and IT Career Lab, Daniel says, “Thanks for all the help! I didn’t think it was a program that would’ve been available. It’s definitely a gamechanger. Programs like these are needed especially in today’s world to do today’s jobs.”