Destinos & Empowerment: A New Arrivals Series with National Able Network  

Biography, abstract, curriculum vitae, resume…whatever you call it, you know that you need one to find a job! Resumes vary from industry to industry, and even from country to country. For example, when job searching in Europe, sources indicate that including your birth date, marital status, and nationality are all standard. There are also different kinds of resumes from chronological to functional and many in between. So, as new arrivals start new lives in the United States, creating a resume while settling into a brand-new country, can feel especially daunting.  Luckily, National Able Network’s free RemarkAble! Resume Builder tool is ready to set job seekers up for success – in English and Spanish – regardless of work permit status!   

The RemarkAble! Resume Builder tool’s goal is to help as many job seekers as possible. The featured resume template is automatically set up in the format suggested by career experts, so job seekers just need to fill in their information. Additionally, the tool allows job seekers to easily duplicate, edit, and revise their resume as needed. This functionality is critical in supporting job seekers as they tailor their resume to each job they apply for, and also increases the chances of passing through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Resumes created in the RemarkAble! Resume Builder tool are downloadable in PDF format for quick emailing, uploading, and printing.  

With so many new arrivals getting ready to enter the workforce, the RemarkAble! Resume Tool can help organize and structure their experiences into a format that most employers can easily digest. Anyone with internet access and an email address can sign up for this tool, here. National Able Network offers various workshops to help guide folks through the resume creation process, and answer any questions that might come up when creating resumes for specific industries (visit our calendar for upcoming workshops). But if you’re ready to start right now, just register and log in!  National Able Network has easy to follow, step by step videos on how to use the tool (in English and Spanish!). These videos are available 24/7, 365 so if you’re ready, we’re ready. Get started now!