Rohini Patel earned her bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University. As she entered the job market, she quickly began her career in the Information Technology industry. She says, “Engineering is process improvement which is what IT is at the end of the day, so it was the right fit.” Her IT skills led her to work in a variety of roles at many organizations. Her diversity in skills aligned with her interest in diversity of locations as Rohini worked and lived in California, Illinois, and New York. Eventually, after more than 15 years in IT, she decided to settle in Chicago.  

Throughout her career, Rohini held roles such as Senior Business Systems Analyst/Data Analyst and Project Manager. However, she had also worked as a trainer, which she realized was her true career passion. So, when her most recent employment contract came to an end, she knew she would pursue a career solely focused on training. Rohini says, “In my career journey, I’ve realized you really have to love what you do. I had done training in the past, it’s something I’ve always really loved to do, and it’s my passion and purpose in life.” So, upon learning about National Able Network’s dedication to creating career pathways for folks interested in Information Technology, Rohini connected with Career Coach Khefren Sackey to begin her new career transition.   

“Khefren provided guidance with polishing my resume and making it more marketable,” says Rohini, “He’s a great career coach. Totally on top of it, and I enjoyed meeting with him. He helped guide me during the process.” After meeting with her career coach, Rohini had more confidence in her job search. As she applied for training opportunities, National Able Network had recently announced the search for a new trainer that could help aspiring IT professionals succeed in Intermediate Excel, Access Expert, and Microsoft Power BI (a data visualization software). Rohini connected with Khefren, and he encouraged her to apply.  

Rohini was quickly brought onto the team to help aspiring IT professions at National Able Network’s IT Career Lab. Khefren is excited about Rohini’s role as a trainer and says “Rohini is an all-star!”. Rohini is enjoying her role so far and says, “I want the students to be the best they can be. I love supporting the students in their journey at whatever level they’re at in the process. I tailor my teaching to the student’s needs so I can help get them to the next level.”  

Welcome to the team, Rohini!