Michael Almazan studied finance at Roosevelt University in Chicago and after graduating, enjoyed a career as a financial analyst with Allstate. Almost five years after settling into his role, the business unit he was working with shifted their operations out of the United States, so Michael found himself back in the job market.

National Able Network worked with Allstate to help all the employees impacted by this change transition into new opportunities with the help of the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program. The program helped Michael enroll into an Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at DePaul University, where he pursued accounting and management information systems.

Michael’s last two quarters of studies at DePaul University were transitioned to virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Michael remained committed to completing his studies and pursuing a new career pathway. In fact, Michael found virtual interviews much less stressful than his previous experience with in-person interviews and used the extra time to prepare and focus on landing his next job.

And his next opportunity was a lot closer than he thought! With a new degree and skill sets, Michael applied for and landed a position at Allstate under a new group – agency economics, which is a group that designs programs and incentive programs for agents to increase sales. Congrats Michael!