Daryl Parker was in full job search mode. He went to a job fair in an interview outfit, fully prepared and fully hoping to find his career destiny. “I was unemployed and my wife is retired, and we were struggling financially,” says Daryl. He was extremely motivated to get back into the workforce. At this job fair he met with a recruiter who thought Daryl could be the perfect candidate in the commercial driving industry. However, Daryl would need his Commercial Drivers License (CDL), so he went to National Able Network’s Near West American Job Center in Pilsen to start his new career journey.

When arriving at the Near West American Job Center, Daryl remembers how helpful receptionist, Maria Castillo, was in getting him oriented and answering his questions. Daryl had had trouble finding stable, long-term employment due to his background. Also, during this time, his wife was facing serious medical issues – among them were spinal and dental surgery. Daryl needed and wanted to get back into the workforce and become a dedicated, hardworking member of society once again.

Daryl worked closely with his career coach, Coral Duarte, to research and audit several schools that offered the CDL training he needed. Ultimately, he decided to begin training at 160 Driving School. “I was two weeks away from eviction when I started my training for CDL,” says Daryl.

While in training, Daryl also participated in many job search workshops. “National Able Network was the springboard for everything. I was trained for job readiness, I participated in different workshops for job preparation…through National Able Network I was able to get the opportunities I needed,” says Daryl.

He finished his training, studied hard, and successfully passed his CDL exam! Armed with his credential and his newfound job search skills, Daryl was quickly hired by US Express. Now that he is employed, Daryl says, “I can go to the dentist, get a physical, help my wife, and my family. Daryl continues to say that his current employer gave him the opportunity to return to college at no cost – all of which began at National Able Network. He says, “National Able [Network] changed my life.”

Daryl’s recommendations for other job seekers is: “Stick with it. Get all the assistance [National Able Network is willing to offer. Take all the advice they are willing to give. Go to every job fair. Be serious about it, because they are serious about helping you.”