Chioma Triplett, administration and project management professional, became unemployed after two years at the same company. However, she wasted no time and quickly connected with National Able Network to attend an orientation on the very same day. Chioma knew exactly what she wanted to achieve and had plenty of motivation to pursue her educational and career dreams.

Through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program (WIOA), Chioma was given the chance to pursue training and certifications that would open up new career opportunities. She worked with career coach Tammi Smith on her career plan. Chioma says, “Tammi was great! She’s a really good coach, and she responded quickly and was very encouraging.”

As she sketched out her plan, Chioma attended several job search workshops which helped her work on her resume and LinkedIn profile. “The LinkedIn workshop was informative. Also, going over my resume to make better points and use different adjectives to fit the job market now helped me succeed.”

Chioma decided to pursue the Business Analysis and Project Management Professional (PMP) program with Computer Training Source. Chioma explains how Tammi’s empathy and encouragement, especially when it came to stress – both personal and professional – made a big difference. Chioma says, “Tammi thank you so much for being there with me, encouraging me during the time that I was doing the actual training.”

Chioma successfully completed the Business Analysis and PMP program and found employment shortly thereafter! Referring to her experience with National Able Network, Chioma says, “It’s a great program and I’ve referred so many people…it’s awesome, it will change the course of your life.”