Beginning in college, Aisha Hunt was making a career pathway in sales, working for various industries, including the real estate industry when she was unexpectedly laid off in 2018.  Aisha took the lay off as an opportunity to transition into a whole new career pathway. One of Aisha’s interests had always been healthcare, so, she decided what better time than now to pursue this interest and gain the education and skills to find a career in the industry. Aisha knew that the transition would be costly and time-consuming, but with the help of National Able Network’s  Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program, she was able to get the support she needed to pursue her goals!

After researching the educational opportunities and career tracks in healthcare, Aisha decided to pursue the path toward becoming a Medical Assistant/Patient Care Technician. Not only did Aisha get the chance to pursue her dream, she also had the guidance of a career coach to ensure she was taking the right steps toward her future success. Her career coach, Katrina Johnson, says “Aisha accomplished a measurable skills gain by obtaining her phlebotomy certification…She is well on her way to becoming a healthcare professional!”

As Aisha continued to meet and exceed every educational goal, she also participated in resume and interview workshops. Aisha says, “I wanted to participate in these workshops to create a strong resume for healthcare positions.”

When asked to provide advice to other job seekers, Aisha says, “Do the research, make a plan, utilize all the resources available and stay focused on your goal!” Aisha speaks from experience, she has definitely remained focused and determined to achieve her career dreams, even as she’s expecting and is engaged to married. We’re excited for your future, Aisha!