Gail Allen Scott is a woman who lives every day with passion and fearlessness. She started her career in healthcare and continued in the field for over 25 years. Unfortunately, she dealt with a work-related injury that tried to derail her path. “Once you’ve been on top and have an injury, it’s hard,” Gail said. “I had a breakdown because you don’t understand why you won’t be able to do the work and live like you did.” Gail did not let this stop her. The sixty-five-year-old decided to try a new career in 2013. She was accepted to and graduated from flight attendant school. Unfortunately, her injury prohibited her from heavy lifting – a frequent requirement in the career of a flight attendant. So, Gail accepted a position at a library, and then worked for a television show. However, this all took a toll on Gail’s health so she decided to take a break – until she joined the Senior Community Service Employment Program at National Able Network in Indiana!

“I didn’t let my age stop me. I’m happy I came to National Able Network,” says Gail. She entered the program and participated in many training opportunities. Gail flourished, growing from Outreach and Recruiting Coordinator to Program Aide. Gail worked closely with Stephanie Perkins, National Able Network’s Program Manager, who she credits as a major source of her energy. Gail says, “Work is good for you and being around Stephanie I get more energy than anything!”

Gail’s hard work and bright energy did not go unnoticed – she became a Career Coach just a few weeks ago! She now helps and motivate seniors who are in the SCSEP program. Gail says, “Without seniors, these young people would not have anyone to look up to or to get energy from. When they see a senior doing these things – working and enjoying life – they know they can do it too. They [seniors] don’t have to waste away. I encourage many of them. National Able Network is the place. It’s helped me, it can help you. Don’t give up!”