Steve Mart, an Information Technology professional, found himself in job search after working for the same organization in different capacities over a span of two decades. He connected with National Able Network to take advantage of all the job search resources and quickly joined a Job Search Work team. We had the chance to ask Steve a few questions about his experience.

Q: What were you doing before coming to National Able Network?

A: “I was the Director of Engineering for a professional IT services organization.”

Q: Which services/workshops helped you the most and why?

A: “The weekly Thursday afternoon Job Search Work Team meeting was probably the most helpful. The meeting allowed us to talk with others that were going through the same challenges that we were facing in trying to find employment. It allowed us to help each other and for a short period of time you felt that everything was going to turn out okay with your job situation.”

Q: What message if any do you have for your career coach/program staff/trainer?

A: “Keep up the good work. Feel free to use the people attending the sessions for their ideas and suggestions as it makes them feel useful and they enjoy giving their ideas.”

Q:What advice would you give to others like yourself?

A: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek ideas from the resources you have available to you in the program. Your coach and the other people going through the program really care about helping you succeed.”