Petko Karadzhov, an information technology professional, worked at the same organization in Lake Zurich for 17 years. His expertise included data collection and manipulation, and other data-related skills. Unfortunately, in 2017, Petko was laid off and found himself in his first job search after almost two decades. Petko attended National Able Network’s orientation in Skokie and began the process to apply for and enroll in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program.

As an information technology professional, Petko was keenly aware of the importance of keeping up-to-date with all the latest software, technology and data analytics practices. For this reason, he chose to pursue additional certifications in his field. Through Computer Training Source, Petko completed their IT Support Specialist program, earning fourteen separate certifications in just over 5 months!

In addition to earning these certifications, Petko along with other job seekers, attended a Job Search Work Team led by National Able Network career coach Carey Goldenberg . Teams like this allow for genuine support and camaraderie between fellow job seekers which many times not only helps boost confidence but also works as a space for sharing honest interview and resume feedback as well as an additional layer of accountability. On his experience, Peko says, “Carey is a great career coach, he’s easy to connect with and anytime I needed I could reach out. I’m very happy with my experience.”

After attending three job fairs, and applying for positions online Petko received two separate offers for his skills and talents! Best of luck, Petko!