Kelby Young, a father of two (with one on the way!) wanted to make a change in his life. He knew it was time to buckle down, stop searching for a job, and instead work toward a career. Kelby always had an interest in a logistics career, he attended an open information session at Road Runner traffic school. It was here that he learned he would need his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) if he was to continue in this career path. After learning how critical the CDL was, Kelby connected with National Able Network’s Prairie State location and applied to receive training assistance through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program.

Kelby was accepted into the program and his journey for a new career began! His job experiences so far had helped him gain customer service and people management skills, and by working with his career coach and attending National Able Network’s signature JUMPSTART job readiness training, he perfected his resume and interview skills. While participating in the JUMPSTART workshops, and studying for his CDL, Kelby was also looking for job leads in the truck driving industry.

Before completing his license, Kelby’s persistence paid off, and he was offered a position as a Freight Broker! He would be able to start the position, as soon as he earned his license, which he successfully accomplished not long after. “I am so proud of Kelby. He’s always been a pleasure to work with. I am just so proud of him, he’s a determined young man,” said Cheryl Travis, Kelby’s career coach.

Kelby is enjoying his current role and the experience this new industry has provided him. Reflecting on his experience in the program, Kelby says, “Stick with the program, the classes were extensive, but you should not give up!”