Jeremy Andrykowski worked in the Arlington Heights public library system for 17 years. He received outstanding performance reviews, enjoyed his position day in and day out, and had more than a decade of management experience. Unfortunately, because of work turnover, Jeremy was released from that position. He took this time to explore the opportunities that would best help him rejoin the workforce. Jeremy began attending executive networking groups and learned about the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) program offered at National Able Network.

“Any continuing training is beneficial, updating skills, sharpening the edge so to speak – all of that is really important,” says Jeremy. Although he is “fluent” in more than 100 databases, Jeremy had a continuously unquenched thirst for tech knowledge, so he decided to add even more tech skills to his already impressive skillset. Jeremy was interested in pursuing business analysis, project management and cybersecurity. After speaking with his career coach, Carey Goldenberg, Jeremy began his IT Management +4 Training.

As Jeremy was training, he also continued to participate in executive networking groups. Upon completing the courses and the exams, Jeremy received the following certifications: Project Manager, Lead Six Sigma Green Belt, Network plus, and more. With his newfound routine, skills and confidence, Jeremy landed a position in Business Development. However, after several months on the job, Jeremy realized just how much travel the position required, which was not the exact fit he was hoping for. Although he enjoyed the work, Jeremy began a new job search.

His vast experience in management and operations within the library field led Jeremy to apply for Director of Operations for the Oak Park Library system. He was hired! “It’s just brilliant, a great opportunity and I’m thrilled to be back in the library,” says Jeremy.

Reflecting on his job search journey, Jeremy has this to say: “Life is bigger than one job, one position, and we have to be able to work through that…some people don’t work for over a year and a half. It’s hard not to be frustrated, but keep pressing on, stay calm and centered, stay confident, motivated and hopeful.”