This year marks the five-year anniversary of the enactment of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, popularly known as WIOA. WIOA has helped hundreds of thousands of Americans find stable, fulfilling, and long-term employment, and has helped employers find passionate, qualified individuals. Federal programs, like WIOA have existed for many, many years. In fact, the first federal workforce training program was enacted in 1933 – 86 years ago!

The Wagner-Peyser Act, which was the first federal workforce training program, was established in the middle of the Great Depression and led the way for employment offices to open across the country. This act is still on the books in 2019, and continues to influence the workforce!

Throughout the years, as job seekers continued to turn to the government for workforce assistance, more programs were created. In 1998, however, so many programs existed that the government consolidated most of the programs by creating the Workforce Investment Act, also known as WIA. WIA, which is WIOA’s predecessor, helped streamline the federal workforce training system. As the workforce continued to evolve, so did WIA, and that’s when WIOA was transformed.

Today, federal workforce training programs offer services for every kind of job seeker and employer, from students to seniors. In 2018, as the need for workforce training grew, funding for WIOA services was increased in most areas, along with an emphasis on apprenticeships and skills training. As the federal workforce training system enters its ninth decade, expect to see more shifts to nontraditional job training programs, like apprenticeships, and in new sectors, like Information Technology.

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