“I lost my 20-year position in 2015,” says Tim Murphy, a former Information Technology (IT) professional. Tim had worked in the private sector for almost 40 years, and due to a merger, his position was eliminated. This change in Tim’s career did not deter him in the least. He was quick to use the resources at his disposal and was eager to start a new journey. However, just as he was starting, Tim underwent knee replacement surgery – twice! Fortunately, Tim fully recovered and newly discovered an interest in the healthcare industry. When Tim connected with National Able Network, he applied for and was accepted into the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) Program.

From personal experience and industry research, Tim knew that the healthcare industry had plenty of opportunities for growth in the future. He was looking forward to his training and the start of a new career. As he researched training locations, Tim worked with career coach, Shawn McKenzie on planning his career path, with the goal of becoming a medical assistant and eventually working in medical coding.

Upon completing his training, Tim received three certifications: Medical Admin Assistant Certification, Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, and Certified Professional Coder. Tim far exceeded the expectations in the classroom and he did so well on his certification exams that the training organization requested he stay on board and become a tutor!

Tim is currently tutoring while continuing his job search. He has joined a job search work team with other job seekers who help support each other by sharing tips and tricks, a service Tim finds very valuable. As he reflected on his career journey, and how the WIOA program helped him reskill, Tim says, “If I had one thing to tell someone whether they’re working or not is to keep getting better, keep getting educated. I wish I had done it myself, but now I can say do as I say, and as I do. Continue to improve!”