Glenda Harris had worked as a missionary for the majority of her career which allowed her to travel. Her last trip was working in disaster relief in Turkey for about 18 months before returning to the United States. Since her return, Glenda worked in a variety of roles all of which were focused on customer service. However, Glenda faced some health complications that required her to relearn fine motor skills. As she was relearning and rebuilding, she knew she wanted to update her skills. It was at this time that a fellow senior directed her to National Able Network.

Glenda was enrolled in the Senior Community Service Employment Program and began her journey. “I was looking for some skills since I was coming back into the workforce,” said Glenda. She participated in many workshops, all of which allowed her to train in interviewing skills, resume writing, LinkedIn and job search. “I loved gaining new knowledge, updating my computer savvy and meeting new people in various walks of life at the training sites,” said Glenda.

Jacqueline Owens, Glenda’s career coach, helped her stay on track. “Special kudos go out to Jacqueline Owens for her encouragement and wisdom during this process,” said Glenda. As she got more confident in her skillset and began applying for jobs, Glenda found a position that especially caught her interest. She applied, and just six days later she was hired! Glenda is now working as a Customer Service Associate at the Illinois Tollway.

Glenda said, “Thanks to everyone at National Able Network. They really, really, really do what they set out to do. They try to find places that meet your interests and you learn the skills that you need. Tremendous job…there’s so many seniors that wouldn’t be working if it weren’t for Able. I love National Able Network!”