For many years, Brandon Green had the desire to work in the transportation industry. However, his career had been primarily in healthcare and warehousing. When Brandon became unexpectedly unemployed, he knew exactly who could help him: long-time contacts Maria Castillo and Michael Stokes, both of whom work for National Able Network. This became the launching pad for making his dream career happen!

Brandon enrolled in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program (WIOA) and while meeting with his career coach, Coral Duarte, expressed his passion for working in the transportation field. With the help of the WIOA program, Brandon was able to enroll in Progressive Truck Driving School and pursue his Commercial Driving License (CDL).

While attending the training, Brandon also took part in a variety of workshops in order to polish up his resume and interview skills. When asked what workshop was most useful, Brandon said, “They all helped me in their own special way.”

Brandon completed his training and earned his CDL! He began applying for full time truck driver positions and was hired by R&L Carriers. Brandon credits the program for helping him achieve his long-term employment goals. He said, “It allowed me to get a career that can help me provide for myself and family. It allowed me to see the world…I got to meet a lot of cool people that I never would’ve met without it.”