Patricia “Patty” Miranda de Rodriguez, originally from Panama, attended college in 2009 to pursue a career in Interior Design. Unfortunately, upon graduation, the real estate crisis had severely limited the field, so she pursued a job at a law firm. Patty continued in the field and worked as a Paralegal Sales Manager until she was laid off in March of 2017. “It was a hard time. I was laid off for about six months.”

During the end of her unemployment period, Patty learned about the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) program through National Able Network. She applied to the program and was accepted! Patty says, “I was amazed because the first time I read about WIOA, I thought it was too good to be true.”

As a hard and independent worker, Patty says, “It was amazing that so many resources were available. I never expected that to happen.” Upon her first meeting at National Able Network, Patty met with Shawn McKenzie. “He’s an amazing career coach. He explained everything and was very patient with me.” Patty also worked with career coach Matthew Daigler, and after the team reviewed her experience, and discussed her career goals, they connected Patty to a job training program the very next day at Symbol. Patty went from unemployed to on-the-job overnight! “It makes a difference when you see career coaches and case managers caring, and I see that at National Able Network,” says Patty.

Patty trained to be a WIOA Relationship Coordinator at Symbol, and has retained that position! She credits her success to National Able Network, and to her supervisor at Symbol, Maria Pina. Patty says, “I would love to encourage people to look for career guidance, training and career opportunities at National Able.”