Bruce Swenson had never really experienced a traditional job search process. Throughout his career, his connections and his reputation allowed him to quickly find career opportunities that matched his interests, including transitioning into an exciting opportunity at a startup. After eight months at the startup, Bruce resigned, and unlike his history before him, found himself in a traditional job search process that had eluded him for almost his entire career. To help navigate this process, Bruce joined CareerPlace.

“Right from the start it was a good experience,” says Bruce, “I needed this organization because I was angry at myself. I had left a stable career with an organization…at CareerPlace, they detected this early on.” Bruce began attending workshops, which helped center him and allowed him to let go of some of the anger and frustration that he was holding onto. “It was terrific to listen to former hiring managers and former HR professionals and get their feedback on my resume and what to do and what not to do. It brought a lot into focus,” said Bruce.

Working with his Career Coach, Bruce stayed on task with a spreadsheet and shared feedback from his interviews to continue to improve. “If I had to sum up what I learned from the experience with Bob it is that it led me to be more of a participant in the job search, more than just ‘tell me about yourself.’ I tried to take more control and turn it into a conversation,” says Bruce.

As Bruce began to receive job offers, he was glad to have the resources at CareerPlace available. In early August, Bruce found his next opportunity and he’s currently employed as an Account Manager! “The biggest value from CareerPlace is that it helped get me centered and focused on the task. Also, being assigned a coach created a measure of accountability,” said Bruce. When asked for advice to share with other job seekers, Bruce says, “Trust and believe in the CareerPlace process. Do the work.”