Adam Comito-Johnston joined the United States Marine Corps directly after high school. He was initially stationed in North Carolina, and spent one year in Iraq, primarily working as a journalist, correspondent, and photographer. Once he was discharged from the military, Adam studied Psychology and Criminology at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Upon graduation, Adam had a series of temporary jobs that didn’t necessarily align with his chosen career path. Adam eventually found himself laid off and, with the help of National Able Network’s Veterans Forward program, decided that this was the perfect opportunity to start looking for his dream career.

During the program orientation, Adam was really impressed that National Able Network had so many longstanding relationships with companies and organizations throughout the city. He enrolled in the program and began working with Veterans Forward Career Coach Michelle Malone. “When I met with Michelle one on one and showed her my resume…it sounded like a mix tape,” said Adam. Michelle suggested Adam restructure the format of his resume from a traditional resume into a skills resume. “I’d never heard of that and I think that was huge for me. It’s exactly what I wanted, and that alone was awesome,” says Adam.

Adam applied to work as an intern at a local ad agency before realizing that it wasn’t the right path for him. After meeting with Michelle to discuss his career aspirations, Adam decided to look for a career in an administrative role that would allow for a healthy work-life balance.

“It was really cool to have someone to talk to and to really listen,” said Adam. “I appreciate that, and I felt like she heard me and what I was looking for. Michelle took what I said and helped put it into action.”

Adam’s resume restructure and his self-reflection work with his Michelle helped him find his current position – Admin Support working for the State of Illinois! When asked to provide advice to his fellow job seeking veterans, Adam said, “Take advantage of the resources provided by Veterans Forward. It’s there for your benefit!”