Raphael Poirot had a very successful career working as an operations leader at Walgreens for 15 years. He lead several teams and traveled throughout the country,  and enjoyed what he was doing, but felt that there were different career opportunities he wanted to explore. While he was exploring his options, he found CareerPlace, attended a meeting, and found exactly what he needed to make a change.

Raphael attended workshops and focused on growing his professional network, revamping his LinkedIn profile, and doing some self-exploration through the Strength Finders workshop. Raphael said that the Strength Finders workshop gave him the foundation and clarity he was seeking at this point in his career, giving him the opportunity for much-needed self-reflection. After being in the business world for 15 years, he had never really talked about what he, as an individual, had to offer.

In March, Raphael became a Certified Business Coach and started his own business, FocalPoint. “If I didn’t go to CareerPlace I may have just stayed in a company and a job instead of looking at the value I have and can offer to others,” says Rapahel. FocalPoint helps small and medium size businesses with strategic planning and plan management with the goal of taking them to the next level and moving their business forward. Raphael says, “The process of when you’re in career search mode and the process of when you’re a small business going to the next level – it’s very similar.”

Overall, Raphael found tremendous value by becoming a CareerPlace member. “The value is amazing! There’s no reason not to join. I was impressed with the structure, tools and resources. It’s an A to Z of what you need to do when you’re in transition, which I really found to be a great value for all the courses, training, and personalized coaching you receive,” says Raphael. He advises job seekers to stay open minded and even though they may feel vulnerable and not want to share what they’re going through – they could be missing out on some great advice and on their next opportunity by doing so. Raphael says, “Have a plan, and if that plan is lacking then going to CareerPlace can really fill the gaps, and put all the odds in your favor for helping you find your next step.”