Kinton Friend wanted to make a change in her career path. She began attending local workshops in effort to network and enhance her job search skills. At one such workshop, Kinton heard about career transition services offered through CareerPlace. After learning more about the various workshops and group of volunteers, Kinton knew CareerPlace was the right fit for her! “A lot of the volunteers were on boards or were executive directors – which is what I was aiming for, so I figured why not follow their lead? I thought I could learn to be greater by following their lead,” said Kinton.

Participating in CareerPlace’s workshops provided Kinton with learning opportunities and tools during her training and job search. One of the most beneficial workshops for Kinton was Creating a Compelling Resume. “It was very helpful to learn the job descriptions and learn how to utilize wording and what to add to your resume…It’s a crucial part because you learn about yourself and what your strengths are to build your portfolio and career path. I learned how modernized the job world is, and it’s a full time job trying to find a job. It’s a lot of dedication,” said Kinton.  

The StrengthFinders workshop also helped Kinton enhance her job search significantly and build her confidence. “You focus on what makes you strong, and then look at the job description. It kind of went hand in hand with selling yourself,” Kinton said. “It helped me learn where I fit in the job world, what kind of environment I wanted to be in, and what kind of pay I wanted.”

As Kinton continued to learn and apply the new tools and skills to her job search, she made sure to follow through on each of the career opportunities she came across. “Make sure that you go to the workshops, and achieve you career goals,” said Kinton. “The follow through is so important. Small accomplishments help build your confidence, so make sure you follow through and you will see the results.”

Kinton’s hard work paid off and she found the career path she had been searching for! Her new employer is providing Kinton with additional training and covered the cost of relocating – exactly what Kinton was looking for!

Congratulations, Kinton!