For nearly a decade, John Matzek worked primarily in marketing and business development roles the healthcare industry. After he changed his industry to higher education, John realized his passion laid elsewhere. While in career transition, John decided to utilize CareerPlace’s services to help him get started.

“I knew about CareerPlace because I had been there many years ago,” said John. “Overall it was a great experience, so I went back to CareerPlace to use their resources.”

As a CareerPlace member, John knew that one of the most important things to do was to make professional connections. He went to CareerPlace’s office up to four times in a week to work on developing a professional network. “People connect you to other people who connect you to other people, which is why you want to connect and keep telling your story,” John said.

John’s career coach, John McCarthy, helped keep him stay motivated throughout the entire job search process. “He kept me motivated and focused on what I needed to do,” said John. “It’s depressing to be without a job. John was a mentor to me. I could call him if I had questions or concerns.”

With his determination and strength in networking, John had the right opportunity appear! He was hired and found himself back on track with his career. “Everything [CareerPlace] provides is very, very important and builds the foundation,” said John. “I encourage people to go out on a daily basis and use the resources. Searching for a job is a full-time job, and you have to approach it that way.”

Congratulations, John!