Yacoub Samad worked as a taxi driver for nearly fifteen years. Within the last few years, competition from rideshare apps drastically reduced his income, which led Yacoub to decide that it was time for a career change. Before Yacoub began his job search, he needed some additional support and decided to come to National Able Network.Yacoub enrolled in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and began attending JUMPSTART training to improve his resume and interview skills. “The resume classes helped a lot,” said Yacoub. “They were really informative.”

During his time at National Able Network, Yacoub began researching various training opportunities to get back into the workforce. He wanted to stay in the transportation industry, so he decided to pursue a Class-A Commercial Driver’s License. Yacoub began his license training while simultaneously working on his job search skills. And when it came time to take his tests, Yacoub passed them all on his first try!

After earning his Commercial Driver’s License, Yacoub found a job at CNT Trucking and is now making twice the salary he made as a taxi driver!  “I now have better pay and more opportunities,” Yacoub said.

When asked to provide advice to fellow job seekers, Yacoub said, “I would definitely tell them to look into National Able Network! You have to be determined, you have to put in work, and you have to be focused.”

Congratulations, Yacoub!