Ty Ball worked in the trading and energy industries for the majority of his professional life. Ultimately, Ty decided it was time for a change and was ready to seek new opportunities. However, Ty had not been on an interview since 1995, and he was a bit uncertain as to how he would proceed in his new career path. With a Master’s in Business Administration under his belt, Ty was torn between pursuing an entrepreneurial track or a corporate track. As his job search began to get more serious, many of Ty’s connections advised him to join CareerPlace, so he took their advice attended a meeting.

“I went to an evening session that one of the volunteers was hosting, and from there – just from the hour I spent that evening – I couldn’t imagine what the other offerings they had that might help me in the search,” said Ty. He went on to take many of the workshops offered. “During Creating a Job Search Plan, facilitator Keith Owens, said something along the lines of, ‘Everyone in this room has a job – to get a job.’ So, everyone in the room immediately felt employed! It was the biggest ‘aha’ moment,” Ty said. When asked to recommend what courses he would suggest to new members, Ty said that every course provides value, and everyone can learn something from each course.

                  Ty Ball

After building his job search skills and enhancing his LinkedIn profile at CareerPlace, a recruiter reached out to Ty on LinkedIn with a career opportunity at a Fortune 500 company. “It was probably due to having my LinkedIn profile being displayed correctly. The importance of having a working knowledge of the tools and their capabilities is something CareerPlace can help you with,” said Ty.

Reflecting on the opportunity, Ty said the timing was perfect! “I was ready for it because I was going to CareerPlace and practicing my interview skills, situations, and was able to present myself in the best light.” Ty was hired and is thankful to be at a company whose culture and quality mirror his own.

When offering advice to fellow job seekers, Ty said, “Regardless of your background whether you’re looking for your first job out of college, or you’re a seasoned vet with 25 years of experience, I would say to join CareerPlace. It has something for everybody!”

Congratulations, Ty!