After working 12 years at Verizon, Aurio Grayson left his job as a District Manager in hopes of finding another career path. He began his job search immediately, but soon discovered that he wasn’t having much luck. “I was applying and getting rejected one after another,” said Aurio. “It’s brutal out there and it’s scary.”

While dropping his daughter off at school one morning, Aurio drove past CareerPlace’s office and decided to check it out. “I paid on the spot and signed up for a class,” said Aurio.

Aurio soon began attending all of the professional workshops CareerPlace had to offer. He found value in each of the courses, but said that StrengthFinders 2.0 and the LinkedIn workshops helped him the most. “It helped me find my strengths, they were dead on. I was really impressed with that,” Aurio said.

As Aurio continued to develop his networking and LinkedIn skills with CareerPlace, he grew his LinkedIn connections from 220 to more than 500 in just one month! Aurio also joined a Job Search Work Team which he said helped motivate him to do better!

“It was a key, you have to sign up for a Job Search Work Team and stay connected,” said Aurio. “I saw other people getting jobs and it motivated me to try even more. The best part is when someone posts on LinkedIn that they landed [a career]. It’s one of the best things because it motivates you to click ‘apply’ one more time or call that connection one more time.” 

Aurio worked hard throughout his job search – he networked, made phone calls, scheduled meet-and-greets, and much more. “I got stood up four or five times, but between that I had classes to motivate me to keep trying. I’d go to class on the days when no one met with me,” said Aurio.

Aurio’s strong will and determination paid off and he was hired as the Area Manager for Regus! “If I didn’t go to CareerPlace, I would still be unemployed,”Aurio said. “I’m happy that I did it. I wouldn’t change anything I did there. I want people to read this and know that someone out there gets it. [Unemployment] is not the end of the world, it’s just the end of a chapter.”

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