Kathy McCoy worked at WMS Gaming for more than 12 years until the company was sold and structural changes eliminated Kathy’s position. At age 59, Kathy had to begin her first job search in more than a decade. With her Master’s Degree and years of Human Resources experience, Kathy found it easy to obtain temporary positions, however, her goal was to find a stable, full-time career.

Kathy had been in the final rounds of interviews at least five times, but was continually overlooked – a factor Kathy said was due to her age. “I actually considered not putting my birth date on applications! Then everything changed when I got to National Able Network,” said Kathy.

Kathy began working with National Able Network after unsuccessfully job searching for a year. Program Manager Matthew Daigler began working with Kathy and she was enrolled in both BACK TO WORK 50+ and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act programs. With guidance from Matthew, Kathy decided to pursue the Professional in Human Resources Certification (PHR) through DePaul University. While studying to earn her certification, Kathy began developing her resume, interview skills, elevator pitch and more through JUMPSTART training.

Kathy’s diligent studying paid off and she passed her PHR exam on the first try! “It felt like I went to another planet,” said Kathy. “It was as if someone gave me my soul back. I’ve never felt that way before – it was shocking. I have to thank National Able Network for that experience; it was a great confidence builder.”

After earning her PHR certification, Kathy found administrative work at a local architectural firm. “Initially I was brought in to clean things up by organizing paperwork, but I made the office look like a different place,” said Kathy. Not only did Kathy help organize the firm, she even helped lower overhead cost and other office expenses! Her ingenuity led to her new full-time position as Office Manager!

Congratulations, Kathy!