Terry Banike, a lifelong marketing professional, worked at the same organization for 14 years. Unfortunately, his company was purchased by its largest competitor and, as often happens, many positions were gradually eliminated – including Terry’s position.

“It had been ages since I made considerate efforts in a job search. Resumes were different; LinkedIn didn’t exist when I was last in the job market. Interviewing had changed, a lot of employers now ask behavioral questions which were new to me,” said Terry.

Although he had received outplacement services from his prior employer, Terry was having trouble finding his next career. He discovered CareerPlace and after attending an orientation, Terry quickly became a member! “I was struck by the warmth and personal approach from the instructors there,” said Terry. “The outplacement firm was nice, but the people at CareerPlace took a personal interest in me. They wanted to know my individual story and offer individualized advice.”

Career Coach, Jim Austgen, navigated Terry through his career search and offered advice with networking, working with recruiters, and more! Terry said that Jim made a big difference during his time at CareerPlace, “[Jim] offered me some high level advice on improvements to my materials and, in general, gave me some clear direction. I was looking for advice and resources to take my job search to the next level – CareerPlace took it to the next level,”

Terry’s focus and dedication paid off – he applied for a position through LinkedIn and was hired! “It was a fantastic opportunity with a company where I didn’t know anyone directly,” said Terry. “I just responded to an ad and I couldn’t be happier!”

When asked for advice for job seekers, Terry said, “Keep a positive attitude. It’ll happen. Just keep working hard, have confidence in your skills and ability, and at some point it will happen. Keep your eyes on the goal.”

Congratulations, Terry!

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