Ruben Agosto, an experienced technology professional, was seeking a new career path in project management. Throughout his professional life, Ruben’s tasks had always included project management; however, his titles never reflected that. In order to achieve his goal, Ruben came to National Able Network and began training with the IT Sector Center’s Charlotte’s Web program.

While working with Charlotte’s Web, Ruben dove head first into hands-on project management training with a team of fellow technology professionals. While in the program, Ruben was able to focus on the one of the aspects of project management that he enjoys most: giving back to the community.

“[Helping people] is the main thing that drives me,” said Ruben. “We helped community-based organizations that in turn help others, and that made Charlotte’s Web very rewarding for me.”

Upon completion of the program, Ruben said that his participation built upon his existing experience while also propelling his job search. “The dynamics of working with a diverse group, and the challenges and opportunities that it brings was a great learning experience since I had been out of the job market for a while,” said Ruben.

“[Charlotte’s Web] boosted my confidence! I’m really grateful for the opportunity and for the constant support the IT Sector Center gave us during the project.”

Congratulations, Ruben!

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