The holiday season is officially here!

For some job seekers, looking for a career during the holidays can be daunting and downright inconvenient. However, according to Forbes, the holiday season is apparently one of the best times to conduct a job search! With that in mind, we spoke with our resident National Able Network career experts to weigh in on some holiday-specific job search tips tailored just for you!

Julianne Lambert, Career Coach: “Always apply for seasonal holiday work. If you perform well, you may get hired as a permanent employee!”

Brenda Brumfield, Training Specialist:  “Be patient. Hiring managers, just like the rest of us, will probably be taking vacation time. So, if you don’t hear back from someone about a job you applied for, don’t stress too much! They will most likely be out of the office and will get back to you when they return.”

Kelsey Briggs-Dineen, Career Coach: “It’s tough to stay on track with your job search during the holidays. Try setting a daily goal for yourself. Apply for one job per day before 1:00 or 2:00 PM. This way you can clearly and simply track your progress.”

Megan Henning, Development Manager: “The holiday season is a great time to give back to your community and brighten up your resume! There are an abundance of great causes in need of great volunteers, pick one you are passionate about and give your time. Not only will you feel good by helping those in need but employers like to see more than just your work experience and education on a resume.”

Shawn McKenzie, Career Coach: “Many job seekers put their job search on hold during the holidays, which creates less competition for job seekers who remain active during this time. Employers continue to accept resumes and applications during the holidays.”

Jonathan Kimmel, Account Manager: “It’s a great time to research companies in your area, check out their current openings, and make connections with people. While it can be a slow time for interviews and offers, it’s a great time to polish your resume, practice your elevator pitch on family and friends, and gear up for interviews.”

Kimberly Abrams, Career Coach: “Seek positions at places more likely to hire during the holiday season; retail, delivery service, hospitality, travel services, etc.”

Jaira Estrada, Contact Center Supervisor: “Hiring does not stop during the holidays! This time of the year always creates hiring opportunities, especially in retail. The holiday season can also provide opportunities for ‘gigs’ that can carry you into the next year as well as potentially lead to a new career!”

Gabrielle Bell, Workforce Services Specialist: “Around the holiday season, I tend to tell clients, ‘Something is better than nothing.’ When looking for a job, it’s about getting your foot in the door with hopes that it will grow into something fulfilling! Don’t settle, but don’t turn down an opportunity for growth either.”

Amy Stewart, Learning and Development Manager: “Continue your job search and networking during the holiday season! Many organizations continue to hire during the holiday season and will begin hiring quickly after the holidays. Enjoy time for yourself during the holidays, but do not overlook that this could be the best time to network at holiday parties, professional associations, etc., to find hidden job opportunities.”

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