At some point, we all have to take a test. Whether it’s for school, your employer, or just a life test, we are constantly being tested. On that note, did I mention that I am the Test Administrator at National Able Network?

I was first introduced to the test proctor life at National Able Network while in college obtaining my undergrad degree. I needed additional income to further my education and the former proctor, Katrina, who is a friend and former co-worker of mine, informed me of the opening. I had initially done proctoring elsewhere and I believed that this position at National Able Network sounded like an interesting opportunity – which it proved to be. It gave me the opportunity of meeting people from all around the world: people who were taking tests to become professionals in various fields.

My favorite part about being a proctor is that I get to meet great people and see them achieve their goals. On a daily basis, I see individuals go through a myriad of emotion while testing. First they are nervous, then confident (and numerous emotions in between)! Many people arrive so nervous and scared and I do my best to make them feel at ease. The amount of hugs I have received and happy tears I have seen makes me grateful that I played a small part in helping them achieve their goal. My job is to make sure that each person is able to get that level of confidence while testing by making sure that they are comfortable and have a fair and valid testing experience.

I took this job because the values of National Able Network coincided with some of my own. I chose this agency because it makes its employees and clients feel like family. I noticed the closeness of the staff here when I was interviewing and training. Now I feel like I am forever part of the National Able Network family.

Since starting at National Able Network, I have managed to expand not only my proctoring skills, but also skills needed in the professional world. When I first started, I had the opportunity to proctor for the IT Career Lab students. It was a big deal for me because I would see them in class preparing for this exam. When it comes to external clients, I have managed to build up my own list of regulars who come to the office to take their exams. Many feel that the atmosphere and positivity in the office makes them more at ease and comfortable. It makes me feel good when they say it because it is a positive reflection of me and of National Able Network. I have also learned about the services that National Able Network provides its clients, such as resume building, networking skills and career resources. It has been a great journey so far and I am excited to see what my future with National Able Network has in store for me!