After 25 years at Siemens Healthcare, Rainer Mayer was informed that Siemens would be proceeding with some organizational adjustments, and closing down the facility he was working in. Although many of the individuals in supervisory roles were being offered the option to stay with the company, Rainer chose the riskier option and began to send out his resume as the facility began to close down. Rainer knew he did not want to be tethered to a desk. He also knew that the healthcare industry was changing, so he began to look at other career opportunities. Rainer needed some extra tools and guidance during this process. After some research, Rainer found CareerPlace and got started on his new job search! 

“I wanted to hone in on my resume, navigate the individual job search and work with a career coach one-on-one,” Rainer said. “Also, I wanted to gain personal skills in managing interviews – which can be nerve-wracking, especially if a lot is at stake.” Rainer took part in many of CareerPlace’s workshops and networking groups. According to Rainer, working with his career coach, attending Job Search Work Team meetings, and mock interviewing workshops were most helpful. Of the mock interview workshops he attended, Rainer said, “The more comfortable you are, the better and faster you get, and you begin to present yourself differently, you appear more confident with prospective employers that are analyzing you every which way.”

“Had I known how powerful and organized CareerPlace was, in addition to the tools that they have at their disposal to hone skills for job search, I would’ve started with them three months sooner than I did! I would’ve been that much further ahead of the game in terms of landing my next role,” said Rainer.

Rainer’s hard work with CareerPlace paid off as he recently found a position as Director of Business Operations. “CareerPlace manages to break down those nerve-wracking perceptions, and improve your efficiency and job search process, so that you can take these skills with you wherever you go. You get so many tools – no matter what step you are on,” said Rainer.

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