Jeff Grosshauser was with Motorola for 30 years, beginning in sales positions and working his way up to Area Sales Manager and Director – with about twelve different job titles and responsibilities in between! Ultimately, Jeff was part of a reduction in force and that led him to CareerPlace.

“I was at Motorola for 30 years and I never updated my resume, even though I held about a dozen different jobs. Everything was done face to face, even when I began my first job, which was selling copiers door to door – so I found myself a bit clueless,” Jeff said. “I engaged with Chris [Campbell] and the whole team, I probably took 15 of the 18 classes. I joined the CareerPlace accountability group, I got a coach, and I joined the ENG accountability group. I totally immersed myself in the process!” Soon, Jeff found a position!

However, after about year and half, Jeff left the organization with the hopes of finding a position that was more suitable. So, Jeff decided to go back to CareerPlace a second time. As a skilled professional who was well versed in customer facing, customer responsibility and relationship building positons, Jeff was very knowledgeable in networking. However, he still found value and gained additional skills when conducting mock interviews. “The strategies behind the interview classes helped the most,” Jeff said. “The strategies were also reinforced in the accountability groups, and everyone could ask questions and be open. I knew how to communicate well with people, but from an interviewing perspective I learned some great techniques and interview cadence. Other parts that were helpful were the resume and LinkedIn classes, and just learning from a social media perspective what to do and what not to do.”

Shortly after rejoining CareerPlace, Jeff was hired again! When reflecting on his experience with CareerPlace, Jeff said, “The instructors and the coaches are purely professional. It is such a safe, non-judgmental zone. Yes, you go through all the stages of grief and you have the stages of a career change, but CareerPlace makes you feel that you have value. Those accountability groups are really positive and pull the strengths out of you.”

Jeff’s advice for others who might find themselves in the same position as him is quite simple and direct, “Join CareerPlace! People are different, some are willing to get help and be part of a group, and others are not. My suggestion is to make a plan, run that plan by someone who has been in your position, ask for advice…I tell everyone to go to CareerPlace!”