After 11 years working at the same company, Larry Klein was laid off. Fortunately, Larry had experience with job hunting, so he felt prepared to begin anew. However, it took Larry some time to realize that job searching has changed significantly in the past decade. Larry was already working with an outplacement agency when he discovered CareerPlace. He initially thought it wouldn’t be much different, but upon walking into the office Larry realized that CareerPlace was the right choice for him! “There were coaching sessions, classes, people working on computers, people huddled and talking. So, that was all very encouraging and I jumped in with both feet,” Larry said. 

Larry was so motivated and dedicated to his job search that he took two classes at a time! “I needed a reason to get out of the house, which is critical, and this was perfect,” said Larry. “I was drawn to the interview rehearsal sessions, the resume building, and all the LinkedIn classes – they were really important. Also, Job Search Work Teams are a must!”

With all of the job search preparation, advice from his Career Coach and through the power of networking, Larry landed his new position at Clarity Services, Inc! “I could not have landed as fast as I did if I wasn’t a CareerPlace client,” Larry said.

When asked for advice to pass along to other job seekers, Larry said, “I didn’t shy away from the topic of job search. You’ve got to be honest with yourself because you never know where your next lead is going to come from so, don’t be afraid to divulge to people that you’re in a job search – it’s what happens in a career! It doesn’t make you look bad, it’s not a reflection on you or on the company, it’s not a personal thing – you’ve got to lose that bitterness! I learned the hard way by having to go through it the first time. I wish someone told me that the first time, and that’s what CareerPlace gave me.”