Dr. Cynthia Wynn’s entire professional experience is based in Information Technology. Even during her eight years serving as a Sergeant in the United States Army Reserve – her tasks centered on IT. After her time in the military, Cynthia went on to pursue a master’s degree in Information Systems and Networking and eventually worked her way toward a doctorate in Computer Science and Enterprise Systems.

After earning her degrees, Cynthia found herself in need of assistance gaining employment. National Able Network Career Coaches Kelsey Briggs-Dineen and Kat Schaeffer worked with Cynthia, and connected her to National Able Network’s IT Sector Center. Upon hearing of her expertise, the Sector Center team quickly presented Cynthia with the opportunity to become part of Charlotte’s Web, a program developed for dislocated workers that help local organizations build a better digital presence, and she accepted! 

“The opportunity sounded great, especially with the web development aspect. I understand developers and software, and I wanted to learn even more about how to create websites,” said Cynthia. “It was a way to get my feet back in the workplace and the job market, as well as an opportunity to brush up my skills as a project manager. I added many, many new skills.”

Cynthia also wanted to ensure the project she was managing would not only be completed, but that it would be successful – and it was! “We helped small businesses and nonprofits – it was about helping people who help others and I would definitely do it again,” Cynthia said.

After participating in Charlotte’s Web, Cynthia has received more interview opportunities with larger organizations! “[IT Sector Center] helped me get back on the map!”