Elijah Taylor always had an interest in technology. However, it wasn’t until he took a couple computer courses in college that he really began to delve deeper into the subject. Elijah gained experience in software development and furthered his knowledge in coding, extensible markup language (XML), cascading style sheets (CSS) and more. In the meantime, Elijah worked in part-time and temporary positions, which included stints in the restaurant industry and customer service. He worked twice as hard during this time, picking up extra shifts while also tuning up his technology skills. Ultimately, Elijah was able to work with a client on a mobile application and this led him to dive into the networking aspect of Information Technology.

As Elijah sought an opportunity to expand his understanding and experience, he discovered IT Career Lab and decided to enroll and start formally training. “IT Career Lab definitely stepped up my career. I took it a lot more seriously,” said Elijah. In addition to the technology training, Elijah worked with National Able Network Career Coach Kelsey Briggs-Dineen in order to fine-tune his resume with specific changes that included sharper formatting, attention grabbing catch phrases and fresh buzzwords.

In just a few weeks, Elijah completed his coursework and earned his Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician certification (CCENT) and his Cisco Certified Network Associate certification (CCNA)! The combination of his experience, certifications, drive and determination led Elijah to work with National Able Network Account Manager Jon Kimmel in pursuit of a position within the technology industry. “Jon Kimmel was outstanding help during the job search. He had recruiters calling me left and right,” said Elijah.

Elijah’s hard work and determination paid off and he was offered a position as Tech Support! To fellow aspiring technology professionals, Elijah suggests, “Never give up on what you want, even if you have downtime. Stay consistent, stay positive and stay creative! There’s always room for improvement and growth.”

If you are an aspiring technology professional and looking to earn globally-recognized certifications, IT Career Lab can help! Click here to register for an upcoming information session!