Celia Sennon came to the United States from Trinidad and Tobago as a teenager. She graduated from high school and continued her education in the New York area, earning a master’s degree in public administration. Although she was content in her professional life, Celia decided to move back to Trinidad where she got married and eventually divorced. She decided to move back to the United States, financially broke and emotionally broken.

“I was starting my life all over again… Coming from a failed marriage, dealing with the emotional onset and the scars, and being unemployed,” said Celia. “I wanted to be a contributing member of society – I studied business in New York, had a master’s, but those things didn’t matter at the time, the emotional strength was so much that I wasn’t functioning.”

In the midst of a difficult job search, Celia discovered National Able Network, which came at just the right time in her life! “When I came to National Able Network I had been unemployed for a whole year. It wasn’t just a place I went to for employment – I was respected and treated as a human being. I felt like I mattered,” said Celia.

Celia enrolled into two National Able Network programs to assist her with her job search – BACK TO WORK 50+ and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. With help from these programs, Celia discovered aspects of her job search that she needed to update. “I didn’t realize how much the workforce had changed! I didn’t realize how important LinkedIn was,” said Celia, “With my career coach [Rocio Montoya] I was able to identify how my skill set and resume needed improvement. I learned how to properly write a cover letter and resume.”

After attending numerous classes and JUMPSTART workshops, Celia’s self-confidence began to flourish. “I started reviewing Excel, Power Point, interview skills, even my writing skills,” Celia said. “I started doing it on my own at home – all the things I needed to be successful on the job.”

An internal position opened up at National Able Network and Celia’s resume was the right match! Celia was hired as a Workforce Services Coordinator for the Employment Opportunities, Personalized Services, Individualized Training and Career Planning (EPIC) program.

Celia is well on her way to continuing her career path and her life! “It wasn’t just about finding a job. People like me who have experience and education, we get to a place where we’re so, so broken and National Able Network didn’t look at that – all they wanted to do was build me up professionally to where I have a new set of lenses. National Able Network gave me an opportunity that is once in a lifetime. I thank God. They are not just in the business of training, but of restoring lives, one day at a time.”

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