Throughout Karen Arbir’s professional life, she never found herself unemployed. Even when she wanted to make a career change, Karen never had to look very hard to find her next opportunity. For 15 years, Karen happily worked with Sears, until last year when there were mass layoffs. Karen found herself unemployed and having to look for a new career in her early 50s – something she never thought would happen.

Karen began her job search by networking as much as possible. “I was really seeking to relearn job seeking skills,” said Karen. She came to CareerPlace and began training in the various workshops that covered topics such as resume writing, interview preparation, perfecting your elevator speech and more!

“CareerPlace helps you really articulate who you are, what you want to do and what you can do. It helped me talk about, develop and brush up some great skills,” Karen said.

Right before she was assigned a Career Coach, Karen landed a position as the Senior Customer Care Manager at Fluid Management, a unit of the IDEX Corporation. Karen said, “CareerPlace gives you a lot of good tools, and if you use them, they do work.”

Congratulations, Karen!

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