When many first hear of Charlotte’s Web, they quickly think of the barnyard tale authored by E.B. White. However, this is the story of a very different kind of web, and a very different sort of partnership.

The Charlotte’s Web program we’re referring to was created by National Able Network’s IT Sector Center. Through this program, dislocated workers are partnered with community organizations and small businesses to further develop the organizations’ digital presence by building, designing/re-designing and creating websites.

The purpose of the program is to provide these unemployed professionals with additional paid work experience to place on their resumes and in their portfolios, while matching them with local organizations. The organizations, such as churches and non-profit organizations, would have otherwise not been able to stretch to meet the expense of these services were it not for the Charlotte’s Web program. Within just 16 weeks, approximately 15 individuals assisted 10 local organizations by creating and re-designing sites as unique as the organizations themselves.

Through this innovative program, the Charlotte’s Web program participants have already begun finding new technology career opportunities!

“Of this cohort, 1/3 have already found opportunities in the tech field, one individual was even provided relocation services to Las Vegas,” said David Jacobs, Senior Program Manager of the IT Sector Center. “The organizations were happy with the results.”

In the age of the gig economy, more and more short-term programs and projects are becoming popular for technology professionals, however, standard technology “gigs” don’t often provide both the enhanced skills and the gratifying experience of helping an organization in need. The opportunity created by Charlotte’s Web is rare – one could say it’s as rare as a talking spider.

For more information about National Able Network’s IT Sector Center, please click here or call 855-994-8300.