The words ‘mom,’ ‘working’ and ‘superpower’ could logically always be used together… A mom is a mom 24 hours a day, wherever in the world she happens to be at any given moment and regardless of whether or not she works inside or outside the home. In my particular case, ‘working mom’ refers to being the mother of three young girls and also holding a full-time job at National Able Network. I suspect I’m in good company when I say that there are days when I feel like I pulled off a small miracle (or two) just to get from breakfast to bedtime and have everyone’s needs met. And then there are days when I have to let go of what I had planned for the day and just accept what was.  Despite the inherent business (and occasional need for superpowers) that comes with balancing family life with work life, I am very grateful I have the opportunity to experience both.  Below are a few reasons why:

  • Community Listening to a parent talk about work can give kids a good idea of what it means to contribute to community. We often have conversations about what my girls want to be when they grow up, and we’ve talked about how various choices might impact those around them. This kind of conversation hopefully also puts at bay the thought that a job is ‘just a job.’
  • Continuous Learning:  I hope that my kids see that, through work, I have the opportunity to learn new things and take on new challenges and to work on bettering myself along the way.
  • Broad Horizons:  Both of my parents worked while I was growing up and openly shared their professional experiences around the dinner table. This experience broadened my own horizons around my future career and I try to do the same for my kids.
  • Work/Life Balance Regardless of what my kids do later in life, it will be very important for them to respect that life should be balanced, and that is not something that always falls into place without effort.  They see now that it can take planning, teamwork and the willingness to set limits.  Hopefully as they get older and need to balance more than just school and activities, they will have gained a few tools (and petite superpowers) to start off with!